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1801 Bomar Ave.
Ft. Worth, Texas 76103
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Hours of Operation:
7AM - 7PM Mon. - Fri.
9AM - 3PM Saturday
2PM - 6PM Sunday

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Except for Sundays,
all pickups after 1PM
will be charged an
additional $12.


Doggie Daycare$23 per day
$103.50 - 5 day pass
$192.50 - 10 day pass
$280.50 - 15 day pass
$500.50 - 30 day pass

Doggie Daycare is a great way to get your dog the exercise she/he needs. It's healthy for them and socializes them which dogs love, plus they are tired and relaxed after a long days play. We believe that 98% of dogs want to be social and play with other dogs. We use outdoor play yards as well as an indoor play room. Passes do not have to be used on consecutive days and are good for one year from date of purchase.



Dog Boarding - Fort Worth

Small rooms (3X3) - $23.00 per night – each additional dog is $11.00 per night. Dog must be 10 lbs. and under.
Medium rooms (3X3-4) - $27.00 per night – each additional dog is $13.75 per night.
Super Medium rooms (5X6) - $32.00 per night – each additional dog is $16.00 per night.
Large rooms - $37.50 per night, each additional dog is $15.25 per night.

Paw Print*All boarding prices will be raised $2.00 during the following times:

•  November 15th – 30th
•  December 15th – Jan 10th
•  March 8th –20th
May 25th - Sept 6th




Extra Services

$17 per day. (4-6 hours of play with other dogs).
Extra Playtime
Extra playtimes are great for anxious/nervous dogs, especially if they are young & social. You can order as many or as few as you like. If you are only ordering one, or a couple of extra playtimes, we recommend you order them on first and/or second day as it helps wear off some nervous energy and makes their boarding experience much better. You can do one for the total stay ($8) or one each day, ($8 x # of days), one every other day, etc.
Story Time
$8 - One on one special tender love and care, mostly used for timid or nervous dogs that don't necessarily like playing with others.



Fromm Family Dog Food

We proudly serve Fromm Family Dog Food here at Riverside Kennel – The Fromm, Adult Gold, to be specific. Very few dogs have any problems with this high grade, well made dry food. Fromm Family Food is made in the USA, contains no corn, soy or bad grains and is rated as one of the best dog foods on the market. We also sell Fromm Family Dog & Cat food in our lobby.

If you would like your companion to stay on her/his regular diet, we are happy to serve what you bring. There is no price difference whether you use our food or your food.


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